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Our Toronto SEO Company is ready to work diligently to make your business a success. Digital marketing puts your products and services in front of people seeking the solutions you provide.


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Beat your competition by having your website optimization done by a BrandExSEO™ Toronto SEO expert. Digital marketing is essential for lead generation and new customers.

SEO is very important and having a monthly budget for it is essential. The undertaking of SEO applies to any business that has a product or service location in the Toronto area, GTA or Canada.

Do not think of it as a cash outlay, only because it is an investment of Huge Upside/Without Downside that is an investment in you and your business.


On Page SEO

The phone book and Yellow Pages are no longer used for locating business and services


Website optimization needs to be done on the page. Including keywords, as well as the name, address and phone number, must all be correct. Attention to detail is important.

An investment in search engine optimization is only an investment in your business and yourself. Do not think of it as a cash outlay, only because it is an investment.

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And, only because when thought that way you realise the investment truly is for your benefit. Reward yourself where it counts, with you and your business.


Off Page SEO


Link building and link outreach maximises your online visibility and establishes the relevance of your website. The result is a more authoritative presence within your marketplace.

We primarily focus on tier 1 content building which is the foundation of any successful business and it’s important to have an  SEO Expert with this understanding. Our SEO is a multi-node and multivariance system unique to our Toronto SEO Agency.


This Video Explains Some of What We Do For You

Website Optimization


This includes On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Keyword research is a continual work in progress technically and grammatically.

It is not possible to forecast a precise time frame for the implementation of a successful SEO campaign.


Digital Marketing


However, most desired results are delivered within 3-4 months of inception and our clients recommend our service on this basis. As a general rule, it is reasonable to expect a 6 month minimum for more substantial results.


Internet Marketing


The role of SEO and search engine optimization to the function of your business is variable, only because your website demographics are constantly changing, as well as the needs of your customers, and the role we all play in this era of the digital marketplace.


Move My Site to the First Page of Google!

Toronto SEO – Local Search Engine Optimization


More information here about why business needs our search engine optimization Toronto.


Seo services packages are custom designed by our SEO Toronto expert and are a foundational building block of any campaign for your business.

Toronto SEO Experts are committed to systematically move your business from no visibility online into a thriving and known commodity within its target area and beyond.

Our service is performance based and all our clients are virtually guaranteed top rankings. This is our commitment to you.

The budget allotment is a key ranking factor and will be different for every marketplace. Do not expect a Rolls Royce or Bentley experience when your budget only allows for a Ford Fiesta.



Why Organic Ranking Versus PPC (Pay Per Click)?


Your website is an asset. You want to increase the value of that asset as you would your business. Organic ranking moves your website from a location of no value to a better neighbourhood that has value by positioning you higher in the search engine result pages.

PPC has no residual value. Stop the ad-spend and the online visibility stops immediately.


Local SEO

Toronto Seo Company That Specialises In Organic Ranking


For all business located in Toronto Ontario,

Our Toronto SEO consultant specialises in ranking your company higher in the search engine result pages and the video below perfectly describes the differences and value created.

PPC vs Organic Video



Could be you already use Google Adwords (or other PPC advertising) very successfully. Despite that, it’s a paradox considering that SEO, which drives 75% of search traffic, yet attracts less than 15% of an average SEM marketing budget, while PPC that provides barely 25% earns 80% of it.


Search Engine Optimization Locally & Beyond 


It’s necessary to get your brand recognised and the exposure online that’s required to generate local traffic to your site in order to convert to sales. We build credibility on the basis of trust and authority.

Business should never underestimate the power of authority and trust locally as a basis for expanding outward to other areas and target markets.


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