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Dentists cannot continue doing what they have always done and expect to succeed. When things change opportunity arises, that’s when you Act and Seize the Moment!

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What’s working now for Toronto Dental Clinics to attract new patients in 2016?

Critical Trends Your Toronto Dental Practice Needs To Know In 2016

The dental industry is continuously evolving as new technology and marketing trends come to the forefront. To maintain and ensure your dental practice’s ongoing success and growth, it’s critical to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies.

A report specifically prepared for the Dental Association in 2013 titled:

Critical Trends Affecting The Future of the Dental Industry

While the report goes over many interesting and salient points, the conclusion of the report was profoundly this: there are far too many challenges confronting dentistry and the status quo is not sustainable.

In other words, dentists and most professionals for that matter cannot continue doing what they have always done in the past and expect to succeed.

Marketing your dental practice is everything. It does not matter how special you are or how amazing your services are if no one knows about them.

This Video Explains How Important SEO is to Your Business

Move My Site to the First Page of Google!

More information here about why your business needs our Professional Dentist search engine optimization Toronto.

But, with numerous marketing opportunities available, where should you and your dental practice even begin to start?

The solution and ultimate path to marketing success is to find out where your customers are. And, just simply be there for them.

Statistically we know that the majority of new patients (approximately 75%) are using search engines (Google is 70% of the search engine market) to find dentists in their area.

You must realise these are people who are already in need of a dentist; people who are searching for their exact needs in their area, and who are ready to invest in the services they are seeking. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Move My Site to the First Page of Google!

Look around you, be observant, the tell-tale signs are everywhere. Whether it be pedestrians on the street, people on the subway, streetcar, or bus, people have their noses pointed and eyes focused on their phones.

More Information Regarding The Importance Of A Mobile Optimised Site

The internet and the smartphone has changed how most people live their lives. Presently, no one reaches for, or, for that matter opens their local directory or a phone book to find out about a product or a business.

That’s why your practice absolutely must show up on Google in order to close your new patient gap and beat out the ever-increasing competition.

Sound daunting? It definitely doesn’t have to be.

Move My Site to the First Page of Google!

Naturally, there is definitely no magic button to press that will allow you to show up on the first page of Google search result pages.

Let me introduce myself, I am Michael J. Monaghan, a search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist.

My sole purpose is to have companies ranking on page 1 of Google as well as Bing and Yahoo. The emphasis is on Google mainly because they control more than 75% of the market and as a result very powerful for business.

In the same manner that a real estate agent moves a client from a bad neighbourhood to a good neighbourhood, I move clients from a bad position in the search engine result pages (serps) of Google and place them in a much better place. This is referred to as organic ranking.

Google has changed the PPC on page setup and not as many show on each page.

Many of your competitors use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to accomplish a similar goal. A great amount of businesses rely on this form of inbound marketing due to this being the only way of having a visible presence to acquire new clients. This is generally a result of many factors that are too numerous to list within the context of this message.

PPC As A Strategy Compared To Organic SEO Ranking

PPC is short term strategy that does not provide any long term value to a businesses website. Watch the video below for a more in depth explanation of each strategy.

This Video Explains the Difference of PPC Versus Organic

Could be you already use Google Adwords (or other PPC advertising) very successfully. Despite that, it’s a paradox considering that SEO, which drives 75% of search traffic, yet attracts less than 15% of an average SEM marketing budget, while PPC that provides barely 25% earns 80% of it.


It is ironic that business will invest so heavily in PPC which caters to 25% of the overall market and leave the other 75% of the money on the table by not investing in SEO which provides a much more significant ROI.


Organic ranking overall is more powerful than PPC, and, more cost effective for business by providing the highest return on investment (ROI) because it creates the best value overall.


SEO is a combination of both, Organic and PPC. I choose to focus only on organic despite being capable of doing PPC. I feel strongly that organic ranking provides the best value possible for business and all the data supports this belief.

The strategy that is best for a new business or, any business for that matter would be striking a balance between Organic and PPC inbound marketing plans. After all, it is about getting the most growth and highest profits possible overall for any organisation.


I close knowing that the benefits of Organic ranking are much more substantial and in particular the advantages to business far outweigh the benefits of PPC.


We go out of our way to reinvent ourselves in order to reinvent your business for success.

Your efforts would be greatly enhanced by us working together to make your business a greater success.

Move My Site to the First Page of Google!

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