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Welcome, I’m sure you landed on this page by searching Google, word of mouth, or referred from someone to whom we have helped in the past. The marketing of a business has changed and the timing of that change is now.

I am confident that you may now realise how important search engine optimization and Google are, and how having your business ranking on the first or second page of Google is beneficial for you and your business.

And, only because when thought of that way you realise the investment truly is for your benefit. Reward yourself where it counts, with you and your business.


What happens if you are not on page one of Google? and, your website is nowhere to be seen; let me break the news to you gently, you are losing business to all your competitors that outrank you on Google’s search engine.

People no longer use the White Pages or Yellow Pages to search for a product or service.

How much are you losing?

In or about, 35% of additional business is lost when you don’t rank page 1 of Google for your business, your products, or services.

Many are curious why they need a Search Engine Optimization Expert? As well, why is it necessary on a local level such as Toronto SEO, Vaughan or Markham ?

More information here about local Toronto SEO, Vaughan SEO, Markham SEO.

Answer: the internet and the smartphone has changed how most people live their lives. Presently, no one reaches for, or, for that matter opens their local directory or a phone book to find out about a product or a business.

Reality check, people go to the internet to search and they are doing it now, more and more, than at any time in the history of the internet through their smartphones or phablets. Fact, third quarter 2015 searches on mobile devices surpassed desktop searches.

Mobile searches have different search engine result pages and therefore require optimization that is distinct and different from desktop searches.

At SEO Toronto  we can help you get your website mobile optimised and found on Google so that you can dominate your competition.

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The above is just one of the many numerous steps taken by us to make sure you have an Unfair Advantage to get you leading the pack, and way ahead of the competition before and after crossing the finish line.

Fill out the discovery form now for an assessment. That way we can better understand your needs so that we can begin working with you and make a custom designed plan specifically for your business.

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Some Facts of Interest:

  • Google takes over 200 factors into account before delivering you the best results to any query in a fraction of a second.
    (Still thinking SEO is easy?)

  • The reliance on Google’s services was so heavily weighted that when Google went down for 5 minutes in 2013, global internet traffic dropped by 40%.
    (40% means approximately 1.2 Billion internet searches were lost; and, you still wondering if ranking on Google is important for your business?)

  • In 1998, the year Google launched, users were making about 500,000 searches per day. Now, there are more than 2 million Google searches per second.
    (In excess of 1.2 trillion searches per year)

  • Over six billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube — that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth.
    (Wondering if making videos on YouTube is an effective strategy?)

Still think that ranking on Google is not important for your business?

When did you last pick up a phone book to find a business?

More Information Regarding The Importance Of A Mobile Optimised Site


We can help your business without risk by taking this quick survey – Discovery Form!

We go out of our way to reinvent ourselves in order to reinvent your business for success.

We are a data driven agency! All decisions are made from hard facts, not theory.

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