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Our Definition of Toronto SEO or BrandExSEO and SEO in general is this;

Our Company SEO is a “Multi Node – Multi Variance System”

So what we do at “BrandExSEO™” is in actuality very comprehensive. 90% of what we do with our SEO in Toronto is off page and outside of WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

There is no magic button to be pushed, as a general rule it usually takes 3 – 4 months to realise the results of what we do and sometimes longer depending on the target market.

A realistic expectation is 6 – 8 months knowing SEO delivers the highest long term return on investment.

Google is very comprehensive in how they assess ranking which means they take longer to rank sites than they have in the past.

Our Toronto SEO for all intents and purposes is this: It is multidimensional in concept as well as in its execution.

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This is our “Secret Sauce” just like Susur Lee the renown chef and his recipes. This is what makes BrandExSEO™ rise above the rest of the crowd for SEO in Toronto.

“Susur Lee”, “Mark McEwen”, “Brad Long” all renown chefs have secret sauces just like we do and quite frankly Scarlett they are secret for a reason and best described as “Je Ne Sais Quoi” (a quality that cannot be described or named easily)

It is the attention to detail which separates Our SEO Company Toronto FROM THE REST OF THE COMPETITION…

The other 10% of what we do is very similar to our competitors.

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SEO is much more than just high ranking in Google. It is a multidisciplinary, comprehensive approach to website optimization that ensures potential customers, who come to your website, will have an excellent experience, easily find what they are looking for, and have an easy time sharing your optimum-quality content (with others across social media platforms).

The combination of SEO and social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest can be overwhelming for big as well as small business marketers.

To fully understand the value of social media platforms to your business and ranking, we must have an insight into the number of people that use them or congregate therein:

  • YouTube hosts almost 14 billion personal, business, and government videos
  • Facebook has about 1 billion active users
  • Twitter has over 550 million users and accounts
  • Google+ has accommodated over 500 million users
  • LinkedIn enjoys the patronage of over 225 million users
  • Google handles over 100 billion searches every month
  • A combination of users on Pinterest, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, and FourSquare among others have over 100 million active users

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How then can these social media platforms increase or drive up your position in search engine listing and ranking? Pretty simple.

Facebook, for instance, has a “likes” and “share” buttons which enable people to like your content, and also share them to their individual network of friends and family and associates.

The more your content gets liked and shared by a growing network of people, against the background of the comments that the content generates, the more the content and your website get increased visibility in search engines – and this works with other parameters to drive up your SERP listing.

You must bear in mind that when people like and share your content, it invariably drives people to check the link which redirects them back to your website, thereby increasing website engagement and interactions. The quality of people that add you, follow you, and share your content and visit your site as a result determines the authority of your website, and this gets you some reward by search engines.

This also goes for Twitter; the number of people that tweets updates on your status or retweets your content, as well as the number/quality of people that follows and mentions you increases your visibility and ranking in search engine result pages. The same logic goes for Digg, Reddit, Pinterest, and LinkedIn among others.

Are you also aware that people on social media generate natural and quality links for your content and websites?

You can build natural links within any community of people when you write quality posts that are complete with infographics, statistics, and videos on authority sites – and these cause people to not only share your content but to also generate links, with resultant visibility and influence on your search engine ranking.

So this invariably draws the line that there is a relationship between your search engine ranking and social media interactions, and the latter is best explored to boost the former.

We can help your business without risk by taking this quick survey – Discovery Form

We can help your business without risk by taking this quick survey – Discovery Form

We go out of our way to reinvent ourselves in order to reinvent your business for success.

We are a data driven agency! All decisions are made from hard facts, not theory.

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