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Let me introduce myself, I am Michael J. Monaghan a search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist.

The sole purpose is to have companies ranking on page 1 of Google as well as Bing and Yahoo. The emphasis on Google mainly because they control more than 88.35% of the search market in Canada and as a result very powerful for business.

What Is Website Optimization?

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In the same manner that a real estate agent moves a client from a bad neighbourhood to a good neighbourhood, our seo expert moves clients from a bad position in the search engine result pages (serps) of Google and place them in a much better place. This is referred to as organic ranking.

You may presently use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to accomplish a similar goal. Many businesses rely on this form of inbound marketing due to this being the only way of having a visible presence to acquire new clients. PPC is not a good mid to long strategy of providing value for business because it’s a short term solution only.

This Video Explains Organic Versus PPC

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Organic ranking makes your website into a valuable business asset which PPC cannot do, and, more cost effective for business by providing the highest return on investment (ROI).

SEO is often considered a combination of both, Organic and PPC. We choose to focus only on organic despite knowing PPC and only because organic ranking provides many more benefits. It is a core company belief organic ranking provides the best value possible for business and all the data supports this understanding.

The strategy that is best for a new business or, any business for that matter is striking a balance between Organic and PPC inbound marketing plans. After all, it is about getting the most growth and highest profits possible overall for any organisation.

Could be you already use Google Adwords (or other PPC advertising) very successfully. Despite that, it’s a paradox considering that SEO, which drives 75% of search traffic, yet attracts less than 15% of an average SEM marketing budget, while PPC that provides barely 25% earns 80% of it.


It is ironic that business will invest so heavily in PPC which caters to 25% of the overall market and leave the other 75% of the money on the table by not investing in SEO which provides a much more significant ROI.


I close knowing that the benefits of Organic ranking are much more substantial and in particular the advantages to business far outweigh the benefits of PPC.


“”You can reasonably expect a minimum of 6 months to witness more substantial results and must be patient. This is only because the ROI in the past has varied from 244% to well over 1,000% over a period of 18 months which is quite remarkable when considering what other investments yield.””

And, only because when thought that way you realise the investment truly is for your benefit. Reward yourself where it counts, with you and your business.

*Disclaimer, past results are not a guarantee of future results and only represent a guideline for what is possible.

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We go out of our way to reinvent ourselves in order to reinvent your business for success.

Your business would be greatly enhanced by us working together to make your business a greater success online.

Thank you,

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Personal Bio

Passions and Hobbies are more often than not, one and the same. Located Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Interests include Martial Arts. In particular the Internal Arts of Chinese Kung Fu.

Regularly practice versions of three of the styles/forms of the Four Internal Arts comprised of Hsing-I, Hsi-I, Tai-Chi and Pa Kua. Many Pa Kua moves are incorporated within my forms from various Pa Kua masters even though I do not practice this style of these arts.

As well, I have been influenced greatly by The Northern School represented by Lungman sect of Complete Reality Taoism and the various sects of Huashan system including the Hsien-t’ien (Earlier Heaven Wu-Chi) sect. My last teacher descended from the Earlier Heaven Wu-Chi sect.

So from one flow to the next flow. Energy work and music are a flow that work together to nourish the spirit.

From Home Audio to Home Theater to creating a satisfying experience that soothes our senses is the desired goal.

It’s important to have balance in life and nurture our souls and step away from the constant rush of life.

Our purpose in Life is to be happy! Nothing More and Nothing Less – Just Be.

Oh yeah, I have a dog and like Stereo Equipment.


Michael J. Monaghan

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